Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My So Called Junky Life's Bead Swap

Sweet Sarah had a bead swap recently and I was Blessed with having Julie as my Partner. She is such a sweet doll :) Our tastes are very similar, so this was an easy swap for me. She likes blue, creams and pinks. I made her two boxes, one for the beads, and one for the focal. Both contents I wrapped in old hankies. I found the sweetest vintage plate with two Victorian women. One in pink and one in blue :) Perfect !!! I added roses and a hanger for her to enjoy. :) Lots of Pink and blue beads, with pretty creamy pearls. Her focal is a vintage brooch that I added some pink rhinestones to the pale blue ones. Yummy ! I also added a few square MOP pearls that I hand painted sweet blue forget me nots onto. :)
She made me the SWEETEST Box ! I LOVE her hand made roses in my colors. She also hand stamped the box in text. Darling !Love, Love !!!!! Inside was another sweet box that she decorated with tiny PINK rhinestones, Sweet !!As well as two bags, one with silver findings , and the other with a rose parfum. I have to almost laugh as our beads are SO close in colors. Mine being more aqua and blue, but Sarah did a great job of pairing us. I love this awesome MOP focal and cant wait to paint a rose onto it :)
Well, I have LOTS to catch you all up on. Another swap that I was in and TERRIBLY late finishing :( I have been really ill this go around. Hopefully this weekend I will post and share more of what has been going on.

Thank you Sarah, for being such an awesome host and Julie, you Rock sweet girl !!



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Match Box Swap, Recieved

Hi ! I am SO remiss in sharing the WONDERFUL boxes I received From Heather's ( Speckled Egg ) last Match Box Swap from a few months back.

My two partners were Marian ( She doesn't have a blog or a flikr, but she has been in a lot of swaps and makes the most beautiful things. ) and JoAnne is from Vintage Dragonfly.

Here is the box that Marian sent me................Look at how SWEET this is with my Initial and the Wee Nest. Tons of Goodies inside the box AND out. She REALLY spoiled me. :)So many Fun things to play with !!! Cant wait to make a few goodies with this awesome paper stash !

Here is the Gorgeous box that JoAnne sent, next to Marian's. Yummy Aqua and creams.............Love :) :) :)
And the contents.......................Thank you SO much Girls !!! It was Lots of Fun and I cherish your pretty boxes !! Cant wait till Heathers next swap. I am SO addicted to these boxes :) Here are the boxes and goodies I sent them.

Hugs :) ,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Update and Memorial Day

Hi !

Tried all day to get my blogger to work and finally I went HERE and they explained what the problem is with Blogger. Be sure and scroll down to get directions for YOUR browser. I use Firefox, so I followed those directions that a helpful Blogger gave. It has something to do with the cookies being bad. I deleted ALL of Blogger's cookies from my computer and now it works like a charm. You may have to do that every day till Blogger works out this latest Kink, but it works !! Yippee !!!!!

I am SO behind in Posting, Visiting and Life itself, E-Gad !! I finished all of my swaps and am mailing those tomorrow and just added a few things to my shop. Remember these I shared a while back ? I have a pile of goodies here that I made, from last month that I have to get listed and out of here so that we can have some more room. My Mom has been bringing over more goodies for the shop too. I HATE clutter ! Our home is just packed with lots of Vintage treasures, faux pastries, linens, etc. I have been stockpiling this last year and haven't listed things like I used to. I need to just Git R' done ! Hee hee ! :)

I am feeling pretty Chipper too right now. What a BLESSED relief this is. I cant tell you what a few pain free does for my state of mind, I could bust out in song, singing "Dancing Queen" and even throw myself into a jig right now ! Lol !! ( That MAY get a bit scary though for others, so I will try and contain myself :) ) I still have several more tests to do and results yet to learn, but I am plugging along. :)

I hope to get more free clip art loaded for Mondays. I have LOTS still to share.

I hope you have had a wonderful Holiday weekend ! I am ever so grateful for all of those who lost lives in service to Our Country. And my Heart and Prayers are with each family that has given that ultimate sacrifice for each and every one of us. Words cant express my gratitude. May each of you be Blessed.



Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Saturday 4/29/11

Happy Pink Saturday !!!!

I just have random pinks to share this week as I was a slug with that EEG apparatus on my head. So, I am just showing a few pictures of things I made/painted about three or four years ago. :)Happy Pink Saturday !!! Please go give our hostess, Sweet Miss Beverly a Cyber Hug and a Hello and see all of the other wonderful Pink posts !!